More available data get you closer to sustainable value of your real assets.
It's time to free your spreadsheets!

Migrate spreadsheet models to apilize

Spreadsheets are uploaded to the cloud calculation service.

Plug in data from other systems

Connect data from various sources and systems directly to the spreadsheet models.

Source data can be in any machine-readable format.

We enable fast and seamless data integration process.

Get output to reporting systems

Machine-readable results can be integrated into your reporting system.

Get your reporting:

  • In existing reporting or asset management software;
  • In any business intelligent system;
  • By developing something for your needs (we can help!).



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Use cases

Our fast, reliable, and powerful calculation service can be used for multiple purposes: from forecasting cash flows to calculating complex models for asset performance risk or environmental impact. Check out some of the practical use cases of apilize:

What is
the sustainable value
of your real assets?

Our calculation service is provided in the API-first manner. This means, it has no user interface and can easily be integrated via API (application programming interface) with any software. Yet, API in our case also stands for Appeal Profit and Impact, when it comes to analysing your real asset performance and its sustainable value from these three standpoints.

API is a new unprecedented approach to building your own analytics based on multiple data sources and custom models, while streamlining your calculation methodology with the industry's best practices from around the globe.


Assessment of the attractiveness of the building from the end user’s perspective


Assessment of the building's qualitative parameters and its impact on the society


Assessment of future cash flow and its sustainability

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We have developed a canva using which zou can develop analitics for your assets and portfolios based on the data from your systems or external data integrated with apilize.

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Unites property technologies to harmonise data and connect interoperable services


A tool for assessing the exposition of assets to stranding risks based on energy and emission data